Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just an idea...

In the spirit of collaboration, we just finally got our act together to write this up for Chocolate in Context's Sugar High Friday #29: Raw Chocolate We haven't tried this (except experimentally) at Bittersweet yet, so don't expect to find it at our wonderful stores, but feel free to play with the idea!

Gulf Coast Mocha
6T (25 grams) ground coffee
2T (15 grams) roasted chicory
1/2 Cup (80 grams) cocoa nibs
1T (8 grams) dutched cocoa powder
2T (30 grams) sweetened condensed milk
1 Cup (235 grams) boiling water
1 Cup (240 grams) steamed milk
1 French Press

--Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl
--Pour the dry ingredients into the french press and top with the sweetened condensed milk
--Add the boiling water and steamed milk, and stir briskly with a spoon until well blended
--Put the top on the press and allow the mixture to steep for 4 minutes
--Slowly depress the screen on the press until all the solids are collected at the bottom
--Serve in a cappuccino mug and top with cinnamon or whipped cream (or both!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


At last we've received the first two bars from Amano Chocolate, and as the initial samples from earlier in the year indicated, they're really something special. Some shots of the two bars are included below (and above :-), and we really recommend both the Madagascar and the Ocumare.

If anything, our humble opinion is that the Ocumare is something of an achievement. This is a region that's often used in blends, but on its own tends to fall flat a bit. Not in this case--Amano's Ocumare has a wonderful evolution of flavors from earthy to spicy red fruit, and it certainly does its origin justice.

Don't hesitate to pick up both at Bittersweet's online store!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


To celebrate the coming of spring, Bittersweet has prepared a special hearty traditional Mexican chocolate and masa drink: Champurrado.
Come in and try one today! Especially tasty with one of our great new TV Snacks...salty, chocolate-y, cinnamon-y, yum...