Friday, February 17, 2006

Epistolary Chocolate...

Bittersweet's wonderful customers have made a habit of leaving little notes in the drawers of our tables. We periodically clear these out (to make space for the new, of course), and collect them. Here are some favorites from our latest batch:

Haiku for Spicy Chocolate
Dark liquid of love
Cayenne buring down my throat
Happiness inside

The chocolate chai is not on the chalkboard. A sensational secret.

It feels like warm chocolate is being funneled to my heart.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


In celebration of the olympics, Bittersweet is introducing a traditional Turin-style drink: the Bicerin (bee-chay-reen)! A blend of dark chocolates, espresso, water and a floater of fresh whipped cream. Yum! It's a new favorite around here...

Boccato di cardinale!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mahalo Coopers!

Hi all!
Just a quick post showing some of our photos from last September's visit to the Coopers on the Big Island. Bob & Pam Cooper have been operating Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory since 1997, and it's currently the only estate-grown Hawaiian finished chocolate. (Naturally, you can find it at Bittersweet :-)

It's a tiny orchard, but these Forastero trees sure are happy!

This little guy absolutely knows when to show up...

Although the industry is still small there, Hawai'i's subtropical climate and diverse growing regions make it a truly unique origin with incredible possibility. Here's to the Coopers for their hospitality...we certainly hope to get back for another visit soon :-)