Friday, December 05, 2008


Just released the first (very small!) batch of our new Balinese creation: Singaraja. It's 66% cocoa mass, 32% cane juice, and 2% cocoa butter, but those of you who like to know exactly what's in your chocolate :-) Photos below are of the dried fermented seed, then nibs, nibs and hulls, and finally the finished chocolate.

These beans come from coop PE01 on the north coast of Bali, and are of mixed parentage (to say the least :-) Much of the cacao grown in Bali has been distributed by the Indonesian government over the past few decades, and the strains sent out have never been properly analyzed to determine genetic heritage. The flavor we're experiencing is quite positive--very chocolately with just a bite of fruit at the finish. All in all a really snackable chocolate.

Come in and try it out! (And apologies if it's already gone by the time you do...but never fear--there's more coming very soon.)


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