Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ninety Percent?

Clay Gordon posted an article on Serious Eats this week focusing on the storage of chocolate. It's a topic of frequent inquiry, and he covers it really well, coming to the final conclusion that "The best place to store chocolate is in your mouth." We couldn't agree more...

Interestingly, the aspect of the post that generated the most response is right in the first sentence: "Consider this fact for a moment: more than 90 percent of Americans consume chocolate in some form every day."

Granted, to get to that figure you have to include eating chocolate, chocolate candy, chocolate drinks, chocolate cereals, chocolate ice creams, cookies, cakes, brownies, puddings....you get the idea. Still, it's quite an amazing statistic, and begs the question:
Do you belong to that 90%?

No point asking us :-)


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