Friday, February 09, 2007

We couldn't agree more

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we get a ton of questions here at Bittersweet about pairing chocolate and wine. While the combination can indeed be a wonderful one, it can be difficult to get it right, and often one flavor ends up dominating or interfering with the other.

In an article from today's SF Chronicle, there's some great feedback on the topic, including Michael Recchiuti's comment that: "There's so much written about Cabernet and chocolate. We ended up tasting it and just couldn't get it to work. It's either a really harsh experience, or the chocolate will take over. One of them is going to steer the ship." Amen.

For a little more advice on the subject, including pairings that we have had consistent success with, check out Bittersweet's FAQ page, and good luck!


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